Creative furniture assembly, stool table optional switch


The original solid wood furniture, which can be used as a stool and a small side table, was created by Italian designer Andrea Zanocchi and Brazilian designer Carolina Starke in the young design studio Zanocchi & Starke. So how does this creative furniture fit together?

It's actually quite simple to put together. There are only four parts.

First, the two legs stand on the ground, and then the two legs of the groove mouth aligned, buckle.

Then the upper part of the furniture disc hole and the cylinder of the foot frame at the installation, use red bowknot screw, fixed the lower part of the mortise and tenon structure, play the role of fixing two foot frame. Such a simple stool, small side table came out.

Creative furniture assembly, stool table optional switch, do you think this creative furniture assembly is very simple? It is really simple enough that we can disassemble and assemble a small side table and stool with only four small steps. But such design is convenient to move, store up also save a space, more important is to can let everybody begin work by oneself, experience different fun.