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The choice of chair height is sometimes more important than the choice of chair style. First, let's talk about what kind of chairs you should choose to put in your home. With the improvement of people's living standard, people pursue more and more enjoyment of life. Then, they can buy a few sofa type chair to put in the home, be like the chair style in this picture on the left, when this kind of chair just sits up, can enjoy clinking perhaps. However, if you sit in this chair for a long time, your body will suffer.

Sofas don't make us want to sit up straight. Sitting in this comfortable chair, you'll want to lie on it or hunch over the handlebars on either side. And that sitting position can do a lot of damage to our cervical vertebrae. It can also easily cause a hump. People often say "sit like a clock", this sentence is very reasonable, when sitting should be as demure as a clock. So, when choosing a chair, must choose woodiness and have certain height to be able to put leg straight chair.

If you feel this chair is unsafe, you can also choose the same height and design different chairs. A chair with a protective handle on either side. This kind of chair is also very popular with young parents.

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