There is a "paper" restaurant in xi 'an where tables, chairs, benches and cash registers are all made of paper


Novel: there's a paper restaurant in bookstore

Xi 'an has a home letter in the city of shaanxi cuisine paper restaurant, this news is not strange to people who love to visit the bookstore, the restaurant is in the first floor of qujiang book city hall on the west side of the attic, to the New Year's day next year, it will be open for a full year. The dining room is full self-service mode. You can sit on the dining chair made of corrugated paper and pick up the order machine on the table to place an order and choose the dishes you like. The roughness of northern shaanxi cuisine, the delicacy of southern shaanxi cuisine and the frankness of guanzhong cuisine are all on the same menu. If you need help from a waiter, just press the call button on your desk.

Put down the phone, read a paper book, put down the book, choose a shut dish, is the feeling of coming home from school, my high school days and paper of mensal, eat, furnishing articles, let a person find everything new and fresh, in addition to novelty, returned to the people pass environmental protection concept, plain and simple way of eating, even a people eat, also won't feel lonely." "Said liu jing, who was having dinner at the restaurant at 5:30 this afternoon.

Scene: tables, chairs and benches are all made of paper

Restaurant owner zhang qiang has been engaged in catering industry for many years. This time, he chose to do catering in the book city, which is a new challenge to himself. This afternoon, he told sanqin metropolis daily reporter: "a few years ago, I cooked sichuan cuisine, guangdong cuisine, hunan cuisine, the market has become popular, but also gradually go down the process. In shaanxi cuisine, northern shaanxi, central shaanxi, southern shaanxi are different, in my opinion, there is a strong vitality. The combination of culture and catering, I first thought of paper, and then came up with the idea of corrugated.

The reporter sees, the table that corrugated paper makes here each square metre size, most 4 pieces close put together. There are 4 types of chairs, 3 types of adult chairs are the bar chair for two people, the high back chair for one person and the conventional chair for one person. A baby chair and the baby chair of each restaurant on the market are similar in size. What is striking is that even the corrugated baby chair has a seat belt.

Quality: a single chair can support 300 jin

Now the restaurant has been open for 11 months. It opens at 5 PM every day. Some customers come to the bookstore to buy books and read books. Because it was a new experience, the adults were as happy as children, touching chairs and poking tables with curiosity. And catering is also hard to avoid soup water water, this gives the paper table and chair, bring certain damage.

"We hired a design team from Taiwan, and all the corrugated paper in the store was shipped from Taiwan. Before this, I have also visited other cities with similar carton theme restaurants, but they are either exhibition mode or experience mode, and few of them are actually used as tables and chairs. We have studied deeply the limits of corrugated, combined with a variety of changes, to create anything you can't imagine. For example, this single chair, sitting a 300 jin less than the customer, used almost a year, no problem at all. The cost of these seats should compare common seat a few more expensive, large scope changes not quite reality, because this how maintain, it is the biggest trouble really. At present, I use kraft tape to coat the chair, and also contact the local corrugated paper manufacturer in xi 'an to find a more suitable way to maintain the chair."