Hot pot new creative "classroom hot pot", tables, chairs and benches all available, net friend: less class teacher


Actually for many people, when school is a beautiful memories, especially at the time found that is also very easy to think of something funny, that time is also often make little contradiction with a neighbor, painted directly on the 38th parallel, so also can guarantee the rule out, actually in the drive for before and after the seat will also discuss together kept talking, but not happy will also occur some disputes, so the hotpot restaurant's appearance is really and inside the classroom situation, god to restore the bench seats are all even the appearance of the school, Besides, there is also the 38th parallel on the table, so such a demonstration is also favored by many people. The hot pot here is also quite rich in ingredients, and even contains drawers to put some things directly, so it will make people feel full of memories after seeing it.

Eventually went to college, is slowly in the good living conditions, the dormitory is not only some of the business, but also his own half, but in the present, but life for many college students are of more luxury, when a hotpot restaurant to eat hot pot is also quite a luxury, for many roommate wants a good hot pot is difficult, if go out to eat directly, also is the purse doesn't allow that to eat in the dormitory, probably is not can use high-power electrical appliances, is the dormitory administrator directly aunt caught, But this hotpot restaurant is offering double beds on the upper and lower floors as a way of hotpot, so it reminds people of college days in an instant, and you can put a lot of things on the double beds, so you can eat hotpot on the bottom, which is quite comfortable.

For many netizens, after seeing such a scene, is back in the time at that time, how it feels like something less, but turns out to be a teacher in charge, in fact, for many years in out society discovered that the teacher in charge also is indeed a good one, only he can make the correct outlook on life education students though sometimes talk is not so good, but we also often hear such words, advice when most needed is least heeded to line, so the time of the teacher in charge for a lot of people now feel more grateful.