Si yuan south road sidewalk "invisible" table and chair bench you have what good method


Recently, the Mr Lu that lives in si yuan south road calls report to this newspaper hotline for a long time, arrive in the evening every afternoon, doorway became the world that does not have a license the peddlery occupies road to place stall, he hopes concerned branch comes as soon as possible tube the environmental order here.

"What are you going to eat?" "Jianbing fruit, shredded cake" "tofu brain to a bowl" on the south side of siyuan road, selling snacks stall owners kept Shouting to passers-by to solicit business. The sidewalk in front of this row of restaurants is basically invisible. The sidewalks are hidden beneath the vendors' tables and benches. The sidewalks here simply do not divert traffic. Since it was mealtime, the restaurants were doing very well, with many customers coming to eat. The preferred dining area is the sidewalk. The sidewalk was covered with tables and benches. Customers eat, drink and play CARDS on the sidewalk, while restaurant owners cook, process dishes and wash dishes on the sidewalk. The sidewalk became a "sea of joy," with customers talking and laughing, restaurant owners Shouting and clattering POTS and pans all over the sidewalk.

It is understood that siyuan south road has been occupied road management for a period of time, generally began from 5pm to 6pm. Many people appeal: hope relevant departments can come up with a solution to both the congestion problem and the convenience of nearby residents.