Minibus private into "rv" bench tables and chairs, POTS and pans all have


Stars online August 3 (changsha evening news reporter liu jun correspondent chengshi DE liu sining) today, hunan high police shaoyang detachment xinning brigade high speed traffic police in the hole new high speed xinning toll station patrol control, found a van was born into a "rv", benches, chairs, POTS and pans everything. Finally, the driver was fined 500 yuan for illegal modification.

Today, sunnybrook brigade high-speed traffic police patrol in the toll station controls, when a van into a toll station, high-speed traffic police motioned the driver into the empty place for routine examination, but when the police opened the trunk of the van, found the back of the vehicle three seats has disappeared, replaced by a small round table and a few small wooden bench, in addition, the inside of the POTS and pans and, like a small kitchen.

Driver zhao said, the four people on the bus are xinning fellow, they work together in sichuan, this time with home. As the journey is far away, in order to facilitate travel, they privately changed the vehicle into a "motor home", so that you can rest at any time to cook.

The high speed traffic police criticized and educated zhao and fined him 500 yuan for illegal modification and ordered him to restore the vehicle to its original condition.