Want to save space? Multi-purpose folding bed and household creative household, understand?


For these big cities of Beijing, Shanghai and guangzhou, the housing price is high, inch of gold inch of land, so how to maximize, reasonable use narrow space to become "one's family of dwelling narrowness" must consider the problem, so may be more inclined to choose multifunctional furniture products, or can be folded, hidden furniture. Nowadays the house of small family model is very much, so a lot of young people also can choose the house of small family model to regard oneself as a transition that comes to big city base, the space in such small family model also is precious, fold up the bed to be able to save a lot of space, a standard size single bed hides a table below. Sleep after wake up, need to work with a computer, just put the bed board up and open the wall and stand to the table, so that a few simple actions will bed into a table, and multi-purpose folding bed and household creative furniture design, its folding design also make a bed space for you, let you of the small house doesn't look like a small house.

Save space with folding furniture

Actually in domestic outfit service, often encounter a few have "crus is short" small family model house, the area that is every area is not big, the likelihood is a little more 2 furniture, the person may be unable to move freely. How can do not change the premise of building structure, let living space become a few more capacious? Then you have to steal."

What say here "steal", use fold originality furniture namely, make the space of small bedroom becomes bigger. Generally speaking, fold furniture volume to compare small, can use a space most effectively, reduce needless space to take up, a lot of time still can realize a thing multi-purpose. Like a foldout table, open it when you use it, put it away when you're not, and sometimes turn it into a home ornament.

"Steal" space to want moderate

In domestic outfit design, also have a few more successful 'steal a space' case.

The li that lives in zhenjiang does decorate to have certain window. Ms. Li's home is a secondhand room that has only 60 square meters, how to make narrow space become a bit more capacious? Stylist tailor-made for miss li "triad ark" : namely bed, chest, shoe ark is mixed as one body. Lift the mattress up and you have a huge, hidden storage space, three-quarters for clothes and a quarter for shoes. Put the mattress down, it is a suitable bed. Because you only need to sort out your clothes and shoes once a year at the end of the season, even if the owner is a lazy person, it won't be too much trouble.

Still have a few "steal" the way of the space is the non-bearing wall of the home breaks completely, put in movable fold deformation furniture. Do not sleep during the day, the bed can be put into the cupboard, only like a cabinet of furniture exposed.

Of course, 'steal' the space wants moderate, it is to cannot affect safety, 2 it is to want convenient life.

Pay attention to "disadvantages" when shopping

Although fold furniture has effect very much to increase household space, but it has advantage to also have drawback. Its advantage is more apparent, basically it is more petite and delicate, can economize and use the space to the greatest extent, be convenient to store. Next it is to be able a thing multi-purpose, be like fold sofa, can make sofa by day, can also be used when the bed at night.

Of course, the defect also cannot ignore, and when we fold furniture in the choose and buy, should notice its more "drawback". A lot of fold type furniture because pay attention to convenience, often can ignore beautiful, the finished product of the design is relatively simple, flimsy, so when choose and buy fold furniture, want to notice design to need photograph of outfit style with whole home is harmonious. If your home is going to use multiple pieces of folding furniture, it is best to communicate with the designer in advance and let the designer provide a matching solution.

Secondly, folding furniture bearing capacity is not strong enough. If the folding mechanism design is not reasonable enough, then more easily damaged, not durable. So when folding type furniture of choose and buy, want to pay attention to whether be smooth and do not have gap in welding place, coating film is uniform, downy, the performance of spring is good, whether be firm, slippery groove acerbity is acerbity wait for a problem.

Fold furniture of choose and buy to look at frame integral quality even, use two hands to make whole furniture before and after left and right sides shake, shake, firm explanation frame is good, do not forget to try personally next, understand its open close circumstance and comfortable, every Angle should transform, buy again after affirming.

Use also has exquisite

Folding furniture also needs maintenance in order to play a better role. For example, in the use of the best not to frequently open and close, all the furniture has a fixed warranty period, so unnecessary open and close will accelerate the aging of the furniture.

Also, do not place heavy pressure near the hinge. Because hinge to rely on screws and other fixed on the furniture, played the role of connection and opening, if close to the place of hinge pressure, will cause hinge off and other problems.

In daily maintenance, to often fold parts of the hinge add lubricant, to avoid rust and other problems. Encounter the furniture that can adjust an Angle, exert oneself to want moderate, do not pull hard, lest damage the metal component of furniture.

Had better clean guard rod, sofa foot and armrest with dry and soft dishcloth every week. Check stability regularly, if find some parts loose should tighten the screw in time, this ability lets household life become safer and more comfortable.

Folding door

The room is smaller can consider fold door, do not affect the room doorway space.

Folding window

The bag does not pack the balcony always lets a lot of owner tangle, pack afraid not breathe freely, but do not pack the home to have a balcony only, bask in the dress not convenient. This time can install fold window, breathe freely, bask in the clothes two not a mistake.

Folding table

The table that contains fold function can adjust size according to host need, suit the owner of small family model to hold family party very much.

Folding bed

The folding bed is no longer a fresh face in quzhou people's living market, which is very suitable for small apartment owners to be temporary rest place for guest rooms.

Folding sofa

The sofa in the sitting room folds actually the utility is not big, want to spread out to make the bed still must wait for an object to move tea table to leave, but the bed of single person fold sofa is very necessary, put a piece to be in rest area, want to sit to want to lie to lie.